Chengdu Langhe Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2011, Langic technology has been deeply involved in the field of industrial Internet for many years, and has rich experience in IoT system, software R&D and big data applications. Langic technology adheres to the spirit of professionalism, innovation and pioneering to build a new energy IoT platform---Powerwell, new energy 4S sales terminal---Power Showroom to provide digital infrastructure for the construction of global new energy projects, and promote the digitization and internalization of clean energy. Langic technology provides China’s top solar system. And the solar energy Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is with excellent performance longer lifespan, more cycle times and higher reliability which is an important part of your solar system. Langic technology also provides a full range of PV panels with different power output, inverters compatible with our battery and with higher efficient conversion, and various pump system to meet the demand in different usage scenes. Apart from these, Lang he technology can also provide solutions and support for a customized new energy power stations. Based on professionalism and sincerity, Langic technology has built a one-stop procurement center of a whole solar system and offers five-star service for you. Hope that we can set a long-time cooperation with each other and share the profit of new energy market together.